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The world’s largest virtual 5k

A virtual 5k taking place across the world on Saturday 18th April 2020. Join in using #World5k

A virtual 5k taking place across the world.


Any One – Any Time – Any Place – Any How – Anywhere

World 5k is a weekly virtual event taking place every weekend, originally inspired by people observing their countries COVID19 lockdown and social distancing rules.


Join us any time on Saturday wherever you live in the world. World 5k starts in the Pacific and fans out like a domino effect across the world ending in America’s outlying islands. To be as flexible as possible, you can start whenever you like as the whole world will be running throughout the day. We recommend starting on the hour (top of the hour), so you can start running with lots of like-minded people at the same time whenever and wherever you live in the world.


How you choose to complete your World 5k is entirely up to you, all we ask is that you go at your own pace and at your own risk. Please take care and please respect your countries lockdown and social distancing rules, as we do not want to put extra pressure on the worlds health services at this critical time.


World 5k is a virtual family-friendly event, so please invite your loved ones and friends around the world to keep you company. You can run, walk, walk your dog, jog on the spot, run laps around the garden, step up and down in your living room, up and down stairs, skip, bounce, kayak, canoe, climb skydive or use a chair.


If there’s a charitable cause close to your heart and you’d like to support them, by all means, use your participation in World 5k as a platform to raise money for your chosen charity.


World 5k is supporting two charities. In the UK we’re supporting the NHS Charities Together and internationally we’re supporting the World Health Organisations novel coronavirus 2019 campaign.


Good luck everyone, stay safe and well.


Don’t forget, you can share your progress and join in the global conversation anywhere on social media using #World5k.


NHS JustGiving


It would be awesome if you could join in. If you are joining us, you can find #World5k on strava, instagram, Twitter and 

We’re all in this together.


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