About us

Inspired by maths, science, fun, and laughter, Peter Symonds founded FibonARTcci Limited an artist-led, experiential event company with the aim of organising art events that inspire and encourage people to become more familiar with the arts and become involved in their local art community.

Peter is an artist and sports enthusiast who uses a mixture of genres to bring his ideas to life. His creative endevours started as an extra on Dr Who where he spent many a day as a Cyberman having lazer fights with Daleks. After several seasons playing various monsters, Peter moved into other areas of art, from producing short films and designing conceptual installations to creating sculptures and street performances, and even pulling a Banksy on Banksy at the World famous Dismaland.

Peter is also an event producer with over 15 years of experience, and recently graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Event Management from Solent University (July 2018). Since graduating, Peter produced the Day of Art РSouthampton 2019 and the Accessible Art Show РHampshire 2019 and is currently planning a series of art events.

The Cyber Crew - BBC Dr Who
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