About us

Peter Symonds, the driving force behind FibonARTcci Limited, is a multi-talented artist who thrives on the fusion of diverse genres to give life to his imaginative creations. His artistic journey took a unique turn when he ventured into the world of television as an extra on the iconic show, Dr. Who. From engaging in laser battles with Daleks as a Cyberman to embodying various otherworldly creatures, Peter’s early experiences laid the foundation for his artistic exploration.

As seasons changed, so did Peter’s artistic pursuits. He transitioned from the small screen to more expansive forms of artistic expression. From crafting captivating short films and conceptual installations to sculpting intricate masterpieces and delivering captivating street performances, Peter’s creativity knows no bounds. His audacious spirit even led him to pull off a Banksy-inspired move at the renowned Dismaland, leaving his mark on the art world.

The Cyber Crew - BBC Dr Who
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