Mannequins for Equality and Diversity – MED

Equality and Diversity takes center stage  in much of Peter’s artwork.

‘MED’ consisted of over 350 pieces of Mannequin parts; arms, hands, legs, feet and torso’s. Installed opposite the Accessible Art Show.

Passersby were able to help themselves and take away a piece of mannequin for free.

The Accessible Art Show
MED - Pure green boobs

It doesn’t matter what colour you are, what you look like, whether you’re fully formed, missing a body part, or broken and left on ‘The Heap’ with nothing else to offer – ‘Your are still a Mannequins’

In other we are all people – we are all equal.

Apart form the pieces destined for the ‘The Heap’, the mannequins were painted in 44 different colours and in various states of build. 

Peter in action.

Multi Colour Cans of Paint
Mannakin Mountain
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