Mannequins for Equality and Diversity – MED

Celebrating Unity in Diversity: Peter’s Artwork Takes a Stand

Step into a realm where art becomes a mirror that reflects the essence of humanity. In the world of Peter’s artwork, Equality and Diversity aren’t just concepts; they’re vibrant threads woven into the very fabric of creativity. Through his art, Peter Symonds sends a resounding message: that every color, every form, and every unique existence is not just acknowledged, but celebrated.


The Accessible Art Show
MED - Pure green boobs

‘MED’: A Monument to Inclusivity

Enter the realm of ‘MED’, an artistic endeavor that took form in over 350 pieces of mannequin parts. Arms, hands, legs, feet, and torsos merged to create a visual symphony that defied norms and celebrated diversity. This installation stood opposite the Accessible Art Show, serving as a powerful reminder of the significance of inclusivity. Passersby weren’t just spectators; they were invited to participate. Each individual could help themselves to a piece of the mannequin, taking a fragment of the statement that art makes about embracing every aspect of the human experience.


A Resonating Message: We Are All Mannequins

In the world of ‘MED’, differences dissolve and the essence of humanity shines through. The message is crystal clear: it doesn’t matter what color you are, how you look, or whether you’re complete or seemingly fragmented. You are still a mannequin. In this, we find the profound notion that at our core, we are all people, all deserving of equality, all inherently equal. The mannequins, painted in 44 different colors and presented in various states of build, capture the essence of our shared existence.


A Symphony of Unity

Through his artwork, Peter Symonds beckons us to recognise the beauty in diversity, to celebrate the harmony in our differences, and to find strength in our collective existence. ‘MED’ stands not only as a piece of art but as a testament to the unifying power of creativity. It reminds us that the human experience is multifaceted, vibrant, and ultimately connected.

Join the Movement of Inclusivity

As we move forward, the spirit of ‘MED’ lives on, inspiring conversations and reshaping perspectives. If you’re drawn to the idea of celebrating unity in diversity, if you’re curious about the profound impact art can have on the way we perceive the world, then you’re invited to explore Peter’s artwork and be a part of this artistic journey.


Embrace Diversity, Celebrate Unity

In the world of Peter’s art, ‘MED’ isn’t just a collection of mannequin parts; it’s a symphony of inclusivity, a statement of equality, and a celebration of the human spirit. It’s a reminder that our differences don’t set us apart; they make us beautifully, authentically, and undeniably human.

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