Dismaland Asylum Seekers – DAS

Enter Dismaland Asylum Seekers (DAS): A Theatrical Riddle Unveiled

Prepare to journey into a world where art transforms into a mirror that reflects society’s complexities, where creativity sheds light on questions that shape our perceptions. Introducing Dismaland Asylum Seekers (DAS), an invisible theater performance born from the inspiration of Banksy’s iconic Dismaland. Here, the lines between expats and immigrants blur, and the immigration crisis takes on a thought-provoking slant that challenges preconceived notions.


Dismaland (DAS)
Masked Man 1

A Journey of Reflection

Dismaland Asylum Seekers (DAS) isn’t a mere performance; it’s an invitation to delve into the depths of our collective consciousness. It’s an opportunity to engage in conversations that shape the world we live in, to confront uncomfortable truths, and to question the stories that we tell ourselves.

Exploring Expats and Immigrants: A Thought-Provoking Quest

In the realm of Dismaland Asylum Seekers (DAS), the distinction between expats and immigrants is explored through the lens of creativity. This performance is more than mere entertainment; it’s a conversation starter that beckons you to question the nuances, perceptions, and stories that intertwine with these terms. It delves deep into the human experience, offering a new perspective on the global issue of immigration.

Masked Man 2
DAS - Golen Idol

A Symphony of Symbolism

Imagine a gathering of individuals dressed in dark grey business suits, their identities concealed by McDonald’s paper bags. These faceless expats become carriers of golden idols, embodying dreams and aspirations. One-man dinghies scale the walls, an embodiment of the contrast between personal journeys and the harrowing reality of overcrowding. The stage is set, not just for a performance, but for a canvas where symbolism takes flight.


The Dismal Artistry of Dismaland

Inspired by Banksy’s Dismaland, this performance captures the essence of bleakness in a way that challenges conventions. Dismaland Asylum Seekers (DAS) isn’t afraid to engage with the somber, to provoke thought, and to inspire introspection. Just like its muse, it paints a vivid picture of a world that’s both disconcerting and profoundly moving.

DAS - Equipment
DAS - Multi shot

Scaling the Walls of Desolation

In the heart of Dismaland, a powerful story unfolds. Faceless expats, driven by desperation, scale the walls of the most dismal place on earth. Their aim? To claim asylum. This poignant act mirrors the dire circumstances that drive individuals to seek refuge, to break through barriers in search of a better life.


Witness the Unseen, Experience the Unheard

In a realm where the invisible becomes visible and the unheard finds a voice, Dismaland Asylum Seekers (DAS) stands as a testament to the transformative power of art. It’s an invitation to be a part of an exploration that transcends the confines of traditional performance and embraces the complex, multidimensional nature of the human experience.

DAS - Paddle power
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