FibonARTcci produces arts-based events. Many of which include public engagement and involvement, with people either participating or volunteering to help produce the event. This culminates in the form of an installation, photograph, sculpture, performance or invisible theatre piece.  Peter Symonds, founder of FibonARTcci, is an artist, event producer and a provocateur. As well as creating events that supports and showcases local emerging artists, Peter describes his own art style as creating stuff and things. Peter has always had a vivid imagination and uses a multitude of genres to bring his ideas to life into the real world – from event management to street performances, from guerrilla art installations to interacting with Banksy’s Dismaland.

Growing up in the UK in one of the lesser-known minority groups, where being Ginger still remains as one of the last socially acceptable groups that people mock, ridicule and jibe at, Peter learnt, albeit in a relatively demure environment, to celebrate differences rather than tolerate it. This genteel mockery for having orange hair couldn’t and doesn’t compare to the constant racial abuse more well-known minority and majority groups face every day in our global society, for the most part, just for looking different.

Originally from Cardiff-Wales, Peter lived in Hong Kong as a child, during this time, one of Peter’s most vivid memories was his all-white-expat classroom. He remembered when a Chinese girl joined the class, she sat on her own and was treated like an outcast for the entire time. No one spoke to her and no one was encouraged to either. Suffering from an array of learning and behavioural difficulties (undiagnosed for 45 years), Peter was an ‘academic’ outcast and also spent his time in class sitting on his own at the naughty table. The image of sitting on the edge of society has inspired much of Peter’s practice.

Peter believes that Equality and Diversity shouldn’t be a strap line we use in politically correct society, it should be the ‘Standard Norm’.  Just because people look and act different, doesn’t mean they should be treated with any less dignity than anyone else. We are all the same.